Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach’s role is to help clients set health-related goals, create an action plan to achieve those goals, break negative patterns and habits, and replace them with healthy ones that serve them.

LUA as your Health Coach.

I will work with you to better understand your current experience (and how you got here) and empower you to create a different experience. I will help you to follow through with your goals by offering ongoing support, accountability, encouragement, and guidance. I will help you to assess 5 big areas in your life ( Health, Money, Love/relationships, Career, “That which is greater” (God, the universe, or whatever greater power moves you) and get clear on new habits you want to create. Through the transformative power of coaching, I will help you to turn these new habits into automated routines in mastering healthy habits through a 5-step process:

1 – Create the vision

I will help you to design a vision of the healthiest, most alive version of yourself and all the ways this new version could transform your life.

2 – Uncover the stuck

Next, I will work with you to uncover the underlying reasons for staying stuck, identifying routines and triggers that are cueing misaligned behavior.

3 – Interrupt patterns

Then, I will work with you to break the negative patterns that are holding you back from what you desire.

4 – Orchestrate change

Next, I will work with catalyzing questions that create new neural pathways (or beliefs), making your’ wrong habits feel difficult and right habits feel like the easy, obvious choice.

5 – Live the NEW NORM

Finally, I will work with you to automate your new habits into your everyday life so that they are ingrained and effortless.

The relationship between the Health coach and client is a collaborative partnership in which the relationship continually seeks to empower the client. I as a Health Coach AM NOT a medical professional, nutritionist, or therapist. Health Coaches don’t analyze, diagnose, or interpret. Health Coaches have a very specific, very important role to play in wellness.

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